Links to place where my writing has been published

1. Cracked.com

This article got over 3 million views and was the #1 article for Cracked.com in the month of July, 2010

The full list of my  8 Cracked article can be found on my Cracked members page

2. MadAtoms.com (subsidiary of Fox Digital Studios)

I have written 9 article for MadAtoms. View all my articles here or click some samples below.

3. National Lampoon

The classic comedy magazine, now in digital form! Here is my writer profile page on the site. Sample articles below.

4. The Art Of Manliness

The Civilian Conservation Corps: Training a Generation in Manliness @ The Art of Manliness

This is a short history article on the Civilian Conservation Corps, a  New Deal organization that took young men and employed them in improving the nation’s national parks and environment.

The Art of Manliness  has 57,000 daily subscribers and nearly a million visits a month

5. Weird Worm

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