Red Dawn Fan Site links to Cracked article, a fan site for the upcoming Red Dawn remake, linked to my article critiquing the original Red Dawn.

The new Red Dawn film puts China in the role of the invading force. It’s a significant switch in roles. In the original film 600 million screaming Chinamen (down from one billion after nuclear bombing).

The new movie was filmed in part in Michigan (in part because of Michigan’s tax incentives for developing a film industry to replace the jobs sent to China over the years).

Despite the faults in the original I pointed out, I like the original Red Dawn for it’s blatant propaganda (much in the way bad-film nerds love the films satirized by Mystery Science Theater 3000).

Currently there is no release date set for the current Red Dawn movie, which has evidently been pushed back to 2011. Whenever it comes out I will see it, partly for the kitsch value, and to support Michigan film making.

You can follow the developments at RedDawn2010 (not the official site of the film) and the official Red Dawn Website.

Red Dawn 2010

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