Upcoming Cracked.com Article

I got word from Cracked.com that an article I submitted will be published. The date hasn’t been set yet, but this is the first piece of comedy writing that I’ve been paid for. The article will be one annoying behaviors and how they allow people to live longer.

Updated Video Projects Sections

MSU Telecasters Logo
MSU Telecasters

Head over to the Video Projects section of the website. I’ve just updated videos I made as an Associate Producer for the MSU Telecasters.

These are commercials I shot for The Show, the longest running college sitcom in America (established in 1988). These include mob debt negotiators, a frat boy scholarships fund, what a college cable news network would cover, and AXE body spray makes a printer ink to help you nail that hot TA.

Hello world!


Over the next couple weeks expect this site to  change as I add content, alter the design, and fill this out. Some writings I have done are coming to fruition and expect them to show up in the writings tabs soon.

Until then, enjoy the one Art of Manliness article I have linked to.