Mentions in USA Today, Huffington Post for #PhelpsFace

#PhlepsFace was trending on Twitter Augsut 8th, so I joined in the fun.

This tweet was posted in USA Today and Huffington Post among the best

Huffington post also added this one.

CBC News quotes an @midnight hashtag entry for #FixThe Internet

Got quoted by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in an article about the many solution posted with the Twitter hashtage #FixTheInternet

Twitter attempts to #FixTheInternet after Kim Kardashian breaks it with her butt

From the article 

…But perhaps the best use of the hasthag came from those who offered up genuine suggestions for “fixing the internet” — ideas that had very little to do with Kardashian, but spoke volumes about the everyday annoyances and problems many of us experience online in 2014.

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